Why you need to go to book tickets for the Island Glow Winedown boat Cruise right now!

Summer is here and that puts us in the mood for some groovy party. But we all know, what is a party without a saucy hint of class and elegance, right? We have the perfect solution for your hot summer party vibes. And that solution lies in the heart of Caribbean Toronto 2019!



It is not just a regular boat cruise, it is a cool boat cruise, full of people who are full of life, energy, and joy.

On 2nd August 2019, we kick-off for the island glow windown boat cruise to mark the 2nd day of Caribana Toronto 2019 – the biggest Caribbean festival in Canada arranged by Xscape music festivals.

This is the most happening event of the century that would not only make you feel trendy, but it would also get you a chance to get the hottest and extremely classy photos for your socials!

Get groovy and add laughter in your life by looking for the most happening event in Toronto.

There will be party, music, and everything that would make you want to live in the boat forever.

The event features the band FUH FUN, which is as fun as its name sounds. The package is not only pretty affordable but also includes free dinner! What else could you ask for?

Island Glow Winedown is the most hit event of Caribana Toronto as the tickets are always sold out pretty quickly. So you must book yours as soon as possible.

The package for this sweet ride is as follows:

Buy it quickly – pay only $40
Get a general admission – pay $45
Get an advanced admission – pay $50

The boat will depart at 10 pm, which means the boarding would start at 9 pm to give time to passengers to carefully board the boat.

The boat contains 2 luxurious decks, which means in the very unlikely circumstance that you get bored, you can always move up or down to another deck. You would feel heavily energized by taking a round of the beautiful lakes of Toronto. And not only that, you will be reminded of the beauty that lies in Toronto and the fun that comes with it. Your luxurious ride will transform you into the magical world of the Caribana, where everything feels good and everyone is always hip and happy.

Make memories of a lifetime at THE ISLAND GLOW WINEDOWN BOAT CRUISE.




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