What’s so special about Caribana Fiesta?

Every year more and more crowd assembles up for Toronto Caribana to have the best moments they’ve been waiting throughout the year. Caribana attracts an enormous stream of regional, national and international visitors from different places of the world to witness the best cultural event of their lives. The overwhelming response of people and massive participations shows the keen interest of people in the Caribana event which is a huge success for organizers and volunteers.

Enthusiastic Spectators

Millions from all over the globe gather and summon to on-look and spectate the invigorated live performances replenished with zeal and zest of performers as well as the event participants at very low prices.

Economically Beneficial

Toronto Caribana contributes a substantial amount of revenue in the economy of Toronto as a great influx of tourists and travelers is observed.


Toronto Caribana attracts participants from various cultural backgrounds and finds it as one of the best cultural festivals. The humongous attendance at the festival is evident in its popularity and reason for anticipation towards the event.

Long Rehearsals

Weeks long practices, rehearsals, and run-throughs are observed to preserve the recipe of perfection of Toronto fest and it exhibits the wholeheartedness and enthusiasm of the attendees towards this anticipated Caribana Carnival fiesta.

Beautiful Costumes

Beautiful convention of people swarming around in numbers at the fest is kept alive when every year eye-catching, special and specially designed costumes catch the attraction of visitors of the festivals leaving them to spellbound because of the aesthetic wearables. You are completely free to wear whatever you are comfortable with except the fact you are part of some Mas bands otherwise enjoy your liberty to choose the color of your wearable.

Vibrance of Mas Bands

Mas bands are the main ingredient of the beautiful Caribana festival as they are unique and aesthetic. Every year the mas band preps and performances on the main days are jaw-dropping that surely justifies the long wait for a whole year to witness the Caribana fest, each Mas bands is unique and special in its kind and eye-catching as well with their performances. Their costumes are based on the theme of mas band and judged as per the best resemblance of their costumes with the theme. Pick a Mas band and rehearse wholehearted to win the best slot in the competition.

Evolution of Caribana Fest

Over the years Caribana festivals have evolved a lot as compared to earlier commencement period of the fest that was for only three days and now it continues and celebrated for stretched 3 weeks providing an opportunity to everyone to enjoy and make their fest presence memorable. Caribana has seen a hard time but then it’s once again here for the people and is better than ever.



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