What caribana attracts too many people?

Huge Number of visitors

Three weeks long carnival attracts a lot of participants and the number is growing annually and has reached up to 1.2 to 1.3 million which shows the success of the event to provide people with the best possible event. Caribana carnival is a collection of many events.


Offerings of the Grand Carnival


Here arise a question that what sort of entertainment value does Caribana festival provide so that it attracts a humungous and considerable amount of audience worldwide and the answer is the fascination to closely enjoy the Caribbean culture and their traditional food, the welcoming and friendly nature of Caribbean people is what brings everybody in this interesting cultural celebration.


Visitors far from Canada


Caribana attracts families from beyond Canada and the US to throw unforgettably insane parties. Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2020 will officially start from Nathan Phillip Square and without any doubt, thousands of people are expected at the launch. The world is being modernized and modernization has eaten the charm of old school yet beautiful and attractive cultural norms and aspects, so this event freshens the old cultural harmony held strongly up till the date.


Soulful Festival has a lot to offer


What else better than live music, party, vibrant colors, glamour, ambience and Caribbean style celebration and all complemented by the Aroma of scrumptious Caribbean food including Jamaican, Trinidad and Cuban food soothing the taste buds with traditional spicy recipes reflecting the culture and sense of cooking as cooking is one of the main chapters of culture. The cooking styles are varied by culture to culture and place to place even cooking the same recipe.

Pleasant insightful artistic designs with matchless aesthetic sense, art design displays and theatrical performance with cool windy summer evenings with complete essence of Caribbean cultural inspiration is certainly an extravagant sense of feeling to have experience.


How small events combine to make a great one 


Toronto Carnival is a combination of many small events which by combining creates the soulful Grand Carnival, the biggest Caribbean Festival of the year. Mas Band parade is the notable most event under the banner of Grand Carnival, having a lot of masqueraders. The whole duration of the event is further categorized and divided into chunks like pool party, mas band parade, junior carnival, kings and queen show, junior kings and queen show and all-white party, etc.


The Signature Event 


Of course, the signature event is Parade which covers around 2.2 miles and different people are there to witness such spectacular cultural parades full of colors and even this parade could be joined from different places hence there are no bounds to enjoy and feel the warmth of event. Hundreds of masqueraders participate in events and around 8000-10000 masqueraders participate in 2.2 miles stretched parade to elaborate the history, beauty, and uniqueness of their culture and the loveliest and interesting thing to see is the vibrancy of costume. In the evening all the event is transformed into a groovy party so Grand Fiesta has tons and tons of things to offer to the visitors and tourists.



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