Toronto Carnival (Caribana) History

The Gradual Fame

The grand carnival was organized by the Caribbean community in Toronto, Ontario for the very first time in 1967 and named it Toronto Caribana Carnival. With the passage of time it gained worldwide fame and attention which now has grown up to worldwide recognition of Toronto Caribana and it is now the biggest African summer festival in the entire continent consisting around 2 million drawn people to the city annually which contributes a lot in the economy of the city so such humungous number and such exemplary participation and liking of people speaks for itself about the fame and popularity of the event.

Where did it come from?

Toronto Caribbean Carnival is commonly labeled as Caribana by many people and it has roots originating from Trinidad’s annual Pre-Lenten event. It is a reflection of pure Caribbean traditions from a wide range of dance performances, different genre songs, instrumental music, masquerade bands and featured Caribbean food. Since 1980 the participation of attendees has become widened from just Toronto to South America, Africa, and whole Canada.

More than just an event

As the Caribana parade consists of the annual parade as the main event but there are also many other events thus the combination of various events combines to make a huge event full of fascination, energy, and glamour having a lot of entertaining activities and of course the best food one can imagine.

Caribbean Cultural Committee (CCC)

A group of communities namely the Caribbean Cultural Committee (CCC) was formed in the early sixties as a part of centennial celebrations of Canada. As the hundredth birthday of Canada CCC was formed which later become the custodian and organizer of the Caribana festival. In this way, half a century old Caribbean cultural event was born and Caribbean culture was brought from Trinidad to Toronto and since then we witness a spectacular and magnificent cultural exhibition having attendance from people of different walks of life no boundaries to color caste and creed. There is just spreading of love, peace and harmony and tribute to the old convention of Caribbean cultural event and all Caribbean in the form of this generous event.

Successful Carnival

Caribana was established in such a way that it was more than a parade but the exhibition of Caribbean culture. After 1967’s extreme success the members of Carribean Culture Committee (CCC) celebrated and organized this fest in 1968 with much more zeal and zest and since this it has become a conventional carnival without any break since 1967 except for 1991 when it observed one year break otherwise it is one of the success most ongoing cultural event with highly motivated organizers and volunteers.



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