Top weekend passes for Caribana 2019

Caribana Carnival is back and there is no way you should miss it. The best way to enjoy the carnival fully is through weekend passes that helps you get a bargain package of fun and excitement.

Toronto Carnival 2019 Weekend Pass:

Caribbean Festival 2019 will be filled with thrill and you will make memories that would last a lifetime. The weekend package is a way to do that by allowing you to have the best carnival event experience.

The weekend package for Caribana 2019 costs $150 and provides you with an exceptionally exclusive experience as the weekend package would allow you access to 4 nightlife events and entry to 4 boat ride events. The package is easy on the pocket and makes sure you get the best out of Caribana 2019.

Thursday- Saturday Weekend Pass

At Caribana Festival, we do not believe in taking things slow. We make sure to add zing to the party by providing you the best packages for your ease.

This weekend pass costs $100 and will provide you entry in 5 events of your choice from Thursday to Saturday. You will get 6 exciting options to choose your events from. These options are:

Dayfete In The Pool, Carnival Nights, Oasis All White Pool Party , Set It Off, Soca x Hip Hop, Champagne Trilogy.

Value Weekend Pass

The value weekend pass costs $75 and allows you entry in 3 events of your choice from the following list:

6 VIBE, Carnival Frost, Dayfete In The Pool, Foam Wet Fete Party, Carnival Nights, Oasis, All White Pool Party. Set It Off, Soca x Hip Hop, Welcome To The 6ix, Champagne Trilogy, Turn Up

Oasis Pass:

Caribana 2019 is all about having wild fun and the Oasis pass will help you have the wild party experience by allowing you entry in 1 day event and 2 nightlife events for $75 only. The event options available in Oasis Pass weekend packages are

Oasis: All White Pool Party (Day Event), Set It Off, Soca x Hip Hop, Champagne Trilogy, Turn Up

If you are still finding an excuse to join in the festivities of Caribana 2019, let this be a sign from the universe. The weekend packages are affordable and are an economical way for you to enjoy Caribana Toronto 2019.

* Weekend passes are extremely limited and the prices will increase from 31st July onwards. Get yours before they run out!



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