Top 5 Mas Bands participating at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2019

Toronto Caribbean Carnival provides you an opportunity to wear stunning costumes and take part in Mas Bands to give a live performance at the Grand Parade. Here is a list of 5 top Mas Bands at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2019.

  1. Allure Carnival:

Allure Carnival is a team of young masqueraders from North America who are going to perform at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, 2019. Known for their creativity and ability to build trust between their masqueraders, Allure Carnival is coming to be the voice of youths of Canada at Caribana 2019.Their team leads are Joanne Webster and Chris Henry. They can be contacted easily at the official website of Allure Carnival.

  1. Fantazia Carnival

Fantazia Carnival has been performing since 6 years at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, curating the finest art and getting the title of ‘Best Section Leader’ consecutively for many years due to their vigilance, team work and creativity. The much acclaimed Fantazia Mas Band even has a giant list of sponsors and know how to portray their artistic abilities in the form of their work.

  1. Sunlime Canada

At Toronto Caribbean Carnival, you will get to experience a wonderful performance by the widely known Sun Lime Canada, which is a group based on some family members who are running this platform extremely skillfully and efficiently for over 21 years. Sunlime Canada now has a huge team of artists and designers who help with the creative process and make sure the team emerges a winner of the trophy and winner of hearts wherever it goes.

  1. Tribal Carnival

Like its name shows, Tribal Carnival believes in bringing authentic Caribbean tribal values to the carnival by genuine performances that would blow your mind away. Their designs, art and music have an exquisite traditional and cultural form to it that makes one enjoy the performance even more. The Tribal Carnival promises to make your carnival experience of the best one till date and make your experience exciting and felicitous for you and your friends at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2019.

  1. Epic Carnival

If you are looking forward for epic performances, Epic Carnival is always on the list for Caribana Toronto. Epic Carnival is famous for its intricately designed costumes and dresses that makes a person wearing them feel wonderful about themselves.  If you want to party and enjoy the Mas parade to the full extent, Epic Carnival is a good choice as they make sure your Mas experience is as wonderful as it can be.


Choose your Mas Band and get your costume made. You don’t want to miss this out!



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