Top 3 most played music genre in Caribana

Importance of Music

From every country, regional and ethnic groups have their languages and even in the same language, there are different dialects. Language is the biggest barrier among the people of different regions and continents but there is a language a very simple one which could easily be understood by the people of any region and that’s the language of melody, the language of music which makes you dance either you deeply understand the lyrics or not.

Music is a magical drive the changes the ambiance and beauty of surroundings in a way that when you listen to music of your taste it takes you somewhere else in the valleys of imagination and draws a very pleasant effect on your music, it makes you imagine a lot of pleasant things while you are sitting on your couch.

Music brings people together regardless of caste, creed, color and the vivid most example is that of a concert where crowd from different ethnic backgrounds gathers to laud and enjoy their favorite artist’s music, that’s the true power of music and certainly, that’s the beauty of music.

Most played music types at Toronto Caribana

3 bold music types blow minds and moods of a massive crowd in the Caribana festival and namely, these are Reggae, Socca, and Hip Hop.


It is a popular music genre originated from Jamaica in the late 1960s and gain astonishing recognition and acknowledgment among the Caribbean music lovers and gain dominance in Jamaican music. It got fame and recognition in Britain, the US, and Africa in the 1970s and gain a significant spot in the music genre library. Reggae is widely played and danced upon in the Caribana festival hence it has great importance with the Caribana festival’s point of view and it has gained a lot of maturity over time. Its basics are based on Jamaican Ska music which was largely composed of heavy four-beat driven by drums, electric guitars and bass guitar supplemented by scrapper and corrugate stick playing.


Socca restrains Trinidadian flavor as it had dawning birth from Trinidad. It was developed in the 1970s and has close resemblance from another music class category namely Calypso. Socca is a studio production based music containing rich encapsulation of rhythm and energy and carriers electronic mixer synthesized sound which makes a perfect blend.

The term socca surfaces from another term spelled as Sokah which originated in 1970 by a Trinidadian music master Garfield blacksmith who used to sing calypso. Socca is also known as a sub-genre of calypso due to the strong historical association with calypso.

Hip Hop

It isn’t an older type of music as it has originated in the 20th century. It truly represents the real artist’s power as no hard worded poetry is used to sing in hip hop it contains freestyles lyrics with electrifying beats that have made hip hip the most popular music in the young generation. It is mostly adopted by black people especially the American black who have made very famous songs popular worldwide. Hip hop represents the street culture providing great liberty to the singer to express their feelings and thoughts.



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