The Grand Parade

A parade that turns roads and streets of Toronto into a vast colored fabric or a huge color exhibition, exhibiting different eye cooling colored masterpieces drawing the attention of the general public and media all around the globe due to the uniqueness of the whole joyous procession.

Happiness is Contagious

Festivity and amazement in this special communal parade along with happiness and livelihood are contagious that attract various societal groups in of large magnitude. Several Canadian denizens and visitors rushing from various hometowns praise and express admiration after witnessing the assembly of Caribbean culture lovers.

Monumental Assembly

It’s the beauty of Caribana parade that piles of assembled march attendees of annual parade shows an exemplary patience and disciplined march as such huge gathering can cause many administrative issues and could make it rough for organizers and volunteers but absolutely in the case of Caribana great Parade consisted of highly disciplined and members of highly spirited cultural procession spreading nothing but tranquility harmony and peace.

A Parade not to be missed

Unquestionably Caribana parade should not be missed as everything over there at Caribana parade does possess a superlative degree, let it be it is glorious and prominent more than 5-decade old rich history or a gigantic number of rushed attendants and observable costumes, it is for sure without a second option a parade not to be missed.

There are no hurdles, bounds or restrains to be a part of this colorful procession and no special granting for any group, caste and creed in-fact anyone in warmheartedly welcomed to have quality time without any criteria or terms.

Adding Colors to parade

Mas performers sprinkle and define the colors of the grand precession. Most importantly Caribana parade is safe for everyone as people of different ages participate and as these huge attendees do not bring any harm to anyone so in this regard, Caribana parade is safe for the participants and anyone could be a part of the parade due to the promising safety of every kind.

Importance of parade in whole Carnival

Caribana festival is combination of a lot of small entertaining events but the main organ of Caribana Carnival is, of course, the worldwide famous The Grand Caribana Parade that holds a huge importance and prominence as it reflects the Caribbean colors, every thing depicts something special like mas bands shows the history of emancipation period when the slaves upon getting freedom used to wear color leather and bones made costumes and dance on the beats of drums being beaten by bamboo sticks. So all the things happen to be observed at the festival do have a historical background.




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