The exhibition of vibrant colors – the junior carnival

Parallel to Caribana, many other sub-events are also going in full swing and one of the unique, interesting, exciting and vibrant most event is The Junior Carnival in which juniors head to head rivaled their elder carnival participants by their beautiful mas getups and costumes loaded with vibrancy and cuteness and innocence.


Junior Carnival Vibes

Innocent cute little kids’ looks like the flowers and their big costumes structures joined to their backs look like the petals of the flowers and in the mid are the beautiful and innocent faces which look so beautiful in between those colorful structures of their designer costumes. It looks like flowers are walking and dancing on the streets of Toronto. Caribana has an old history but The Junior Carnival is relatively a new festival but still, it has gained a huge appreciation from the attendees because they wanted such an event to enjoy with their family especially kids. Regardless of being a new event, it has blown the minds of the spectators by its colorful vibes. Cute little kiddies express their energy and excitement and exhibit artistic display while dancing on traditional socca music and DJ helps them to get energized.


Love and Affection for Culture

The love of children for their ancestral culture is nicely expressed during the colorful festival as their presence alone shows their love for their culture. It is the best way to introduce your culture to your children by taking them to cultural events and get them involved in cultural events so that a strong bond could be created. Caribana holds strong and deep roots with Afro-Caribbean culture, it has seen many tough times in more than 6 decades but due to the motivation of people, it is still going on with a huge success every year. 


The very own festival of Kids

Little angels look outstanding while wearing colorful costumes having bid sized structures attached on the back of costumes portraying the kids as adorable beautiful butterflies and they drag those heavy costumes throughout the day, they walk and dance with those costumes which shows their level of determination for the Caribana festival and their sub-festival The Junior Carnival. Kids leave the spectators in deep awe when they are observed with a massive amount of pride and love for their culture. Caribana consists of many events and sub festivals among which The Junior Caribana provides the best opportunity for kids to showcase their confidence, talent, and creativity. 


The three bodies in Junior Carnival

The junior carnival mainly engages three groups namely The Mas Band Association, Organization of Calypso Performing Artists and the Ontario Steelpan.



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