The Caribana Toronto 2019 Grand Parade : Short Guide

The Grand Parade at Caribana Toronto is a plug that unites people and gives you a chance to enjoy Mas Bands. Enjoy partying with Mas players and feel amazed by the gorgeous Mas costumes. At the end of the Parade, masqueraders get time to dance, party and have crazy fun till 6pm.

The grand parade is truly magnificent and as seen from a common man’s eye, it feels enigmatic. Thousands of masqueraders in colorful attires, embellished with pearls, stones and feathers march through the Assembly Area to the Exhibition Palace. Millions of people from different cultures and ethnicities come together to celebrate and witness this live performance of Mas Bands and experience a splendid, life-changing performance. The vibrant colors, elevated music and striking performances fill more color and excitement in the air and give out a message of everlasting unity and love in the world.

Here is a small guide to make sure your Grand Parade experience at the Caribana Festival 2019 goes hassle free.

Book accommodations on time

Make sure you book accommodations on time to avoid any hassle. We have a guide of the Best hotels available for the Caribbean Festival Canada 2019.

Book your costumes

Select a band for the Caribana 2019 and order your costume way ahead of time to make sure it reaches on time. While purchasing tickets, understand that everything is in Canadian Dollars to avoid any ambiguity later on.

At the parade:

Arrive early at the parade and make sure to find your band on time. Getting there early helps to familiarize yourself with the people and the band and gives you plenty of time to refresh yourself or have a bite before the Parade starts. After all, you don’t want to miss any memories of the greatest event in Toronto.

Try to stay in your own lines during the parade as people tend to forget to be disciplined in the midst of all entertainment and merge into other bands. Make it easy for your band leaders by staying in your own line. At the end of the Parade, a competition takes place where participants show off their costumes to the judges. The winner gets announced a few days later.

At the end of the parade, everyone including the general attendees and all the masqueraders have a giant block party and let themselves loose in the party vibes of Caribana Festival.

The grand parade ends at 6pm but the memories that you make in it stay with you for a lifetime.

Book your tickets now to sort out your Grand Parade plans on time.



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