Sensational Kings and Queens Competition

Here comes the sensational most element of the whole much hyped and highly anticipated North-American cultural carnival and that is none other than Kings and Queens’s show/competition. It is the most prominent evening event of the whole carnival. Masquerade bands and Kings and Queens’s competition have a lot of similarities, the mas band parade is the day time event whereas the costumed kings and queens competition is an evening based event but both of them include the wearing of vibrant colored costumes which is the biggest similarity between both of them.

Why are Kings and Queens and important competition?

Why shouldn’t mas band competition be the most talked and anticipated event of the whole carnival because masquerade acts, dance and mimicry performances have a great significance in the history of Caribbean culture from Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago islands which highlights the importance of mas bands competition so the extreme importance of Mas bands and a show associated to mas bands makes absolute sense.

The events split

Toronto Caribana is further divided into 2 splits of functions based on day and evening time events. For the magnificent parade, the judges form different checkpoints in the parade routes of the event to analyze and judge the performance and award victory. The victory depends on various things like the costume selection as per the mas band theme and the all-over the performance of the whole day which defines the outstanding status of the mas band.

Kings and Queens Competition

Kings and queens competition use to be held at Lamport Stadium with the presence of humongous count of audience eagerly waiting to witness the anticipated most event of the year. It officially starts at 7 pm with the greetings of the organizers and the jaw-dropping performances. The Kings and Queens Competition showcases the aesthetic sense, innovation, and craftsmanship. Participants prepare for a long period, rehearsals go live for weeks and months to keep perfection during the main event which shows the dedication level of the participants.

The competition formally starts with the formal introduction of the contestants then few live performances including some surprise performances and then socca music performances are presented to fascinate the audience. The starting of performances is a formal indication of show starting. The selected Kings and Queens from all the mas bands perform on the stage as per the criteria of the competition and exhibit their art and talent.



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