REGGAE VS SOCA – Details and Much More!

There is no better way to spend summers than letting yourself loose in the rhythms of hip music. Get life changing experience while dancing your way to trance with Reggae and Soca at Caribana 2019.

Reggae and Soca are both the music forms that hail from the Island of Caribbean. Reggae is the birth of Jamaica and Soca comes from Trinidad and Tobago. That means you get authentic cultural music and dapper vibes, all at the same place.

Reggae vs Soca is an event that would provide you with high energy charged music with an element of soft soul renewing music. Soca will turn you high, get you on hit vibes and make you dance like there it no other thing left in the world for you to do. Reggae will make you feel things from the depth of your soul by touching the strings of your heart. Together, they will make sure to give a fresh life to party.

But wait, there’s more than just dancing.

There will be fun on water slides, giant water truck, and large pool area. We know that your life needs more colors, therefore you will also get 2 free color packs or paints. Its messy, crazy and fun! Color yourself up, or color other people. Turn your friends into a rainbow. The choice lies with you. Party in the tsunami of bright color, after all you have deserve it!

With Reggae Vs Soca, Jouvert+Bubbles, the party will hit the new stages of fun and awesomeness

Are you someone who needs to get a one in a lifetime party experience? If yes, then get colorful, wet and groovy at Caribana Toronto 2019

A complete package of wild party and outdoor experience that would energize your body and soul in a way that nothing else can.

Caribana Festival is encouraging people to live their life and get a more positive outlook in life through  these events. We all work hard. We feel like we deserve a well-deserved break in life and Caribana 2019 is providing this magical experience to reintroduce your will to live and to reinstate your ‘fun’ status in your friends’ lives! It is not only a mix of Caribbean culture and music, but also a party that gives you a chance to explore and meet new cool people

So what are you still waiting for? Go get yourself registered for Caribbean Festival Canada today before you lose the chance!



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