Programs and Events of Caribana

5 Caribana festival programs/parties not to be missed

Toronto Caribana is a composition and collection of various interesting events and sub-events that collectively make a band of events called Toronto Caribana Carnival.

Blockorama Party

Blockorama party has completed 2 decades of commemoration celebration as a beautiful party. It is the most anticipated party and every year it holds a sizeable enthusiastic audience because of the performances by the renowned local and international artists. Artists like Crystal waters, Diana King, Ignacio Rivera, and Prancing Elite have graces the platform of Blockorama party with their presence and unforgettable performances.

Calypso Tent

Calypso tent musical event exhibits an excellent and beautiful fusion of legendary music with the new form of calypso music. It is a vivid reflection of attention-grabbing storytelling, humorous musical anecdotes and well-balanced expression of freedom through musical poetry and tunes.

Junior Carnival

In any carnival, public or cultural event there should be a representation of kids in any form so families having kids and their kids could enjoy entertaining public gatherings and thanks to the Junior Carnival Caribana for providing such a golden opportunity for families and kids to enjoy the festival. It is an adorable representation of kids in the festival, their presence increases the beauty of an event where young masqueraders march and dance through the streets and truly feel the warmth of the joyous festival environment.

The King and Queen Mas Band Show

Every year since the beginning of the Caribana festival the king and queen mas band show rocks the Caribana festival with its glamorous display of art and aesthetic sense. Leaders of various mas bands with their vibrant costumes try their best to impress judges and outclass other competitors around. Male and female costumes are judged based on their respective mas band themes and the presented performance by their leaders. After all the process of performances and judging, the king and queen of the night are awarded the crowns.

Toronto Storytelling Festival

Toronto storytelling festival has a rich history of 4-decade old event organization. This scale of this beautiful event is of its kind as it is the largest, oldest and biggest storytelling event. The main reason for the commemoration of Toronto storytelling is to increase familiarity of Caribbean culture to the young generation and to build a strong gap between the young and old generation and the purpose of this prestigious most event is served excellently.




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