Let’s Rewind Caribana Toronto 2018

With only 45 days to go for Caribana Toronto 2019, let’s rewind the fun and madness that happened last year!

The event was filled with fun, food and friendships. It was a merry time, uniting people from different cultures to merge and celebrate the Caribbean culture

Let’s check some events that happened last year 

Sunlight at Stadium Party

Sunlight Party was one of the most hyped party of Caribbean Festival Canada. The party was hosted by Fabolous, and like its name it was actually fabulous! The party was filled with loud music and fancy food. The magnificent daylight made it even better. The day was spent chatting and getting hyped up with peers who were as happy about life as a smiling deer.

Champagne Showers

Like its name, champagne showers actually had an unlimited supply of champagne and booze. People danced all night and returned to their hotels ecstatic and euphoric in the morning. If there is one thing you’ll get at Caribana 2019, its parties like these that would get you exhilarated and glad that you are alive. The party vibes at the Caribana Festival makes you believe that the world is actually a beautiful place to live in.

Carnival Village

Carnival Village was a happy place to be in. As the event was family friendly, people were surrounded by their families and friends. There was an atmosphere of love and togetherness. Families came together and had the greatest day of their lives. They danced, enjoyed cultural music and shared cheery stories.

The Grand Parade

The grand parade at the Caribana Festival attracted a large amount of people from all over the town and was a big hit among the up-to-the-minute city masqueraders dressed up in bright outfits, adorning gorgeous feathers. The event portrayed Caribbean music and hip street art.

The trilogy

The trilogy was a dance party that offered Hip Hop, Reggae and Soca music. The event was a major hit as people were in high spirits after listening and dancing their night off to Reggae and Soca. The air was full of carefree vibes. The joy will be doubled at Caribana Toronto 2019, as the event is coming back bigger and better than before. Soca and Reggae music is coming back again with a twist of bubbles and color to make this party turn extra wild.



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