Let’s highlight the Caribbean Culture

Caribana Toronto 2019 is only a few days away. And that gives us the perfect motive to learn about the beautiful Caribbean music, culture and traditions that makes the Caribana Festival one of its kind.

Caribana Festival is reinforced with vibrant music and after visiting the festival your soul feels rejuvenated. It is one of the largest celebrations in Canada every year where people from all ethnicities come to celebrate the culture and music of the islands of Caribbean. The air is full of Caribbean music and people dressed in feather boa costumes.

Caribbean Music:

Caribbean music hails from the islands of Trinidad and Jamaica. The music style is extremely groovy and it is a mix of different kinds of music. The Caribbean music represents the music of Africa, India, and Europe combined together to create new soulful tunes that makes your heart fill with happiness and makes your soul feel relaxed. You automatically feel immersed in the culture and start feeling yourself to be a part of the Caribbean traditions and culture. The Caribbean music tells you stories in a way that makes you feel overjoyed

The most popular kind of music in Caribana Festival is the Jamaican music namely Reggae and Soca. There is a reason these kinds of music touch the strings of your heart, It is because they are meant to.

This type of folk music was created to influence the people and to get their inner energy flowing on the upbeats of music. The African music style of rural music makes you feel like you have been reborn into a world full of possibilities.

Caribbean Culture

The Caribbean culture is unusual and extra ordinary. Even if the culture is derived from ancient conflicts, it still has its worth due to them being heavily rooted in the area. The traditions are very much alive in the hearts of people but are valued greatly by Europeans and Americans. The people of Caribbean islands love to laugh. They do not waste any chance to party and have merriment and this trend has been in their roots since the time they were created. Humor and laughter is their biggest strength.

You don’t need to be a Caribbean to be a part of its heritage. At Caribana 2019, we welcome everyone to experience the wonderful culture and music of Caribbean Islands. Give yourself a reason to dress in costume feathers and experience being a part of something greater.



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