Introductory Blog on the most Anticipated Cultural Fest!

How an old cultural festival creates harmony among masses?

Toronto Caribbean Carnival or Toronto Caribana festival exhibits the beauty of Caribbean culture and showcases the cultural harmony. It is a historical annual festival with more than 5 decades of rich history. Caribana festival is held in summer in Toronto, Ontario. There are no restrictions and boundaries for non-Caribbeans to attend this festive cultural event. Toronto Caribana festival is considered among the prominent most Cultural festival in the world and stands as the massive most festival in the North American region containing more than 2 million participants annually.

The massive participation

Every year Toronto Caribana attracts more than a million visitors. Massive participation enhances the degree of the excitement of the festival. The foundation for the Toronto Caribana festival was laid in 1967 by Canada based Caribbean community and since then it is being celebrated in the best way. Caribana festival is a treat for Caribbean expats to experience Caribbean culture vibes in Canada, a place very far from the Caribbean island. Amazement and harmony are contagious in the Caribana Festival.

Appealing costumes and accentuating beats

Parade participants use to wear nice and vibrant colored costumes and become the center of attraction for masses to get fascinated by this tremendously huge cultural march exhibiting happiness and harmony and entertainingly providing a lot of memories. The enthusiastic drum beaters energize and charge the crowd and make this event further special.



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