How Caribbean ‘Caribana’ came to Toronto (Canada)

Immigrants to Canada

Canada welcomes immigrants from all over the world regardless of their caste, color, creed, language, appearance and religious beliefs. Canada is proven to be home for several minority groups among which black, Chinese and South Asian’s are in the major count. As the immigrants came from over different places and regions of the world thus they brought their cultural representation with them also which has contributed a lot to the diversity of Canadian culture and Canada has always welcomed this prosperous cultural prosperity with open arms.

Blacks among other Canadian minorities

Among all the Canadian immigrants brought cultures Caribbean culture got extensive recognition in Canada and presently in the last few decades many generations are born and settled in Canada. The cultural experience of black people born in Canada and those migrated is a lot of different as cultural experiences are experienced by the surroundings and society although mega cultural festivals like Caribana have kept them intact and well familiar with their cultural values. Black people have contributed a lot in defining the color of the Caribbean and the diversity of Canadian culture. 

The rich history in Canada

Black people have a very old and rich history in Canada as the first black person came to Canada around 4 centuries ago so black community representation in Canada isn’t that newer but has deep old roots. Black slavery even consisted of Eastern Canada where Americans used to bring slaves with them which latterly got freed over time. Blacks were extremely loyal to Canadian land. Among the settled blacks many blacks got settled in Nova Scotia and Ontario and western Canada also. During the black community settlement in Canada, most of the blacks stayed in Ontario or other maritime provinces. Blacks in Canada have a rich cultural background and a great attachment to their culture as they practice their cultural events and activities without any hurdle and issue hence the richness of Caribbean culture has contributed a lot in Canadian cultural diversity. Due to the early migration of the Caribbean and recent decade migration to Canada’s strong ancestral background of the black community in Canada, the Caribbean culture holds a prominent presence in Canadian culture.

Trinidad and Caribbean culture contain the carnival celebration as a strong and vital element, organizing massively scaled carnivals is an ultimate expression of presenting a tribute to elders, their cultural practices and the exhibition of freedom.



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