Evolution and purpose of Toronto Caribana

Overtime (more than 5 decades) Caribbean Carnival has come so far.

The annual festival containing spectacular parade was introduced in the late 1960s and was designated with name Caribana and was envisioned as a week-long festival which now has been extended up to 3 weeks long festival.

In the early days, the event was small with attendance of a few attendees and spectators and all the crowd was used to be from the Caribbean community but look at it know you’ll find various community members enjoying the vibes of the festival.

Why was the Caribana festival organized?

A non-government pioneer organization the same that used to organize the event from 1967 to 2006 namely Caribbean Cultural Committee (CCC) took a constructive initiative to do a publicity and promotion of festival in the US and to the people living far on the small islands to be able to grab more participants and they succeeded as these people started visiting hence increasing the participant count.

Connection of Canada and Caribbean Caribana

It was a bit surprising after the promotion drive for Caribana by Caribbean Cultural Committee (CCC) that people from US and remote Islands started taking part in the event but there was a small representation from Toronto Ontario itself which was a bit demotivating thing for the organizers as Caribana has a huge connection to Canada and Toronto as it was started over the initiative of government which wanted to have one of the best cultural events to celebrate the centennial birthday of Canada so in this way, Caribana and Canada shared a very strong relationship so it was necessary for Canadians to attend the festival and now there is a handsome number of Canadian attendees in the festival which is very appreciable fact to learn.

As a result of promotion people from even different cultures started visiting Toronto festival and at initial time period, it was strange that there was less participation from Toronto but gradually it started hiking and then the festival become junction for different culture and in this way a vital element in the festival took place and that was an element of acceptance among people of different cultures through this event.

Purpose of Caribana Inception

Caribana festival allows future generations to learn about their heritage and ancestral roots via this spectacular event. It teaches us the lesson of acceptance between different cultures, fun, and entertainment is the best part of it serves the purpose of attracting people.
Now Caribana has gained worldwide fame and around 2 million-plus participants with the great cultural exhibition and it was meant to create cultural and traditional familiarity with the next generation and it served the purpose well.



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