Cultural significance of Caribana Carnival

The prominent Carnival

Caribana Carnival enjoys an immense prominence and grabs great visibility in summer festivity with the beats of hip hop, soca, and calypso while making Caribana Carnival the most anticipated cultural event of the whole year in North America.

The Portrayal of African Culture

Caribana has enlarged and projected the visibility of African people and Caribbean culture in the sights of the people and made it noticeable to masses through the coverage transmission of the event through media and social media hence all the cultural lovers are talking all over the word about the uniqueness of the event.

Influential Culture

Toronto Carnival has influenced the Caribbean culture a lot while serving as an iconic symbol of historic pride for the African culture. Caribana Carnival grabs the attraction of more than 2 million people annually which means that Caribana introduces Caribbean culture to hundreds of thousand people every year who took their time to watch and observe and get familiar with Caribbean culture.

Caribana’s inception has served and played a vital role in emphasizing the influence of Toronto’s street cultural events starting from music, arts, food, and fashion which makes an amazing an exciting experience and inspired Torontonians and leaves an unparalleled impression on the event celebration history of a city.

Caribbean culture is non arguably one of the visible most cultures in the city and even in language the Toronto slang is derived from Jamaican Potois and it further continues even in the food section of the Toronto city as Jamaican style food is observed in the restaurants and food places

Biggest North American event

Caribana truly is the biggest North American Caribbean cultural event that portrays African culture and highlights it’s all organs such as melodious music, colorful wearables, and African style scrumptious food complemented with beach and island oriented parties that beautifully admires and sums up Caribbean culture. Caribana festival truly acts like an essence of Caribbean culture which makes it easier for the world to have the know-how of Caribbean culture.

That’s how it all started

The glorious event started commenced and observed as a result of Canadian government’s initiative to reach out to the ethnic group across the country to increase the multicultural harmony among various ethnic groups and on the call of government Caribbean community answered enthusiastically and responded well which became the foundation of this beautiful exhibition of this cultural event consisting of the grand parade and the event is further associated with number of other events which makes Caribana festival.




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