How Caribbean ‘Caribana’ came to Toronto (Canada)

Immigrants to Canada Canada welcomes immigrants from all over the world regardless of their caste, color, creed, language, appearance and religious beliefs. Canada is proven to be home for several minority groups among which black, Chinese and South Asian’s are in the major count. As the immigrants came from over different places and regions of […]

Caribana through hard times

Toronto Caribana Carnival got its name in 1967 by the Caribbean Cultural Committee (CCC) organization that has a phenomenal role in the foundation of this event. It was more than an event as participants had a huge emotional attachment with the event as it depicts African culture and it represents the culture of individuals living […]

Evolution and purpose of Toronto Caribana

Overtime (more than 5 decades) Caribbean Carnival has come so far. The annual festival containing spectacular parade was introduced in the late 1960s and was designated with name Caribana and was envisioned as a week-long festival which now has been extended up to 3 weeks long festival. In the early days, the event was small […]

Toronto Carnival (Caribana) History

The Gradual Fame The grand carnival was organized by the Caribbean community in Toronto, Ontario for the very first time in 1967 and named it Toronto Caribana Carnival. With the passage of time it gained worldwide fame and attention which now has grown up to worldwide recognition of Toronto Caribana and it is now the […]