Sensational Kings and Queens Competition

Here comes the sensational most element of the whole much hyped and highly anticipated North-American cultural carnival and that is none other than Kings and Queens’s show/competition. It is the most prominent evening event of the whole carnival. Masquerade bands and Kings and Queens’s competition have a lot of similarities, the mas band parade is […]

Programs and Events of Caribana

5 Caribana festival programs/parties not to be missed Toronto Caribana is a composition and collection of various interesting events and sub-events that collectively make a band of events called Toronto Caribana Carnival. Blockorama Party Blockorama party has completed 2 decades of commemoration celebration as a beautiful party. It is the most anticipated party and every […]

Top 3 most played music genre in Caribana

Importance of Music From every country, regional and ethnic groups have their languages and even in the same language, there are different dialects. Language is the biggest barrier among the people of different regions and continents but there is a language a very simple one which could easily be understood by the people of any […]

What caribana attracts too many people?

Huge Number of visitors Three weeks long carnival attracts a lot of participants and the number is growing annually and has reached up to 1.2 to 1.3 million which shows the success of the event to provide people with the best possible event. Caribana carnival is a collection of many events.   Offerings of the […]

5 Reasons you should come to our much hyped events this year

Caribana Toronto carnival is one of the largest multicultural festival in Canada, bringing in millions of tourists and party enthusiasts to let yourself have one in a lifetime party experience. ‘Fun, entertainment and extravaganza’ are the three words that describes Caribbean festival Canada the best.   Here are 5 reasons you should come join us […]