The exhibition of vibrant colors – the junior carnival

Parallel to Caribana, many other sub-events are also going in full swing and one of the unique, interesting, exciting and vibrant most event is The Junior Carnival in which juniors head to head rivaled their elder carnival participants by their beautiful mas getups and costumes loaded with vibrancy and cuteness and innocence.   Junior Carnival […]

Cultural significance of Caribana Carnival

The prominent Carnival Caribana Carnival enjoys an immense prominence and grabs great visibility in summer festivity with the beats of hip hop, soca, and calypso while making Caribana Carnival the most anticipated cultural event of the whole year in North America. The Portrayal of African Culture Caribana has enlarged and projected the visibility of African […]

What caribana attracts too many people?

Huge Number of visitors Three weeks long carnival attracts a lot of participants and the number is growing annually and has reached up to 1.2 to 1.3 million which shows the success of the event to provide people with the best possible event. Caribana carnival is a collection of many events.   Offerings of the […]

What’s so special about Caribana Fiesta?

Every year more and more crowd assembles up for Toronto Caribana to have the best moments they’ve been waiting throughout the year. Caribana attracts an enormous stream of regional, national and international visitors from different places of the world to witness the best cultural event of their lives. The overwhelming response of people and massive […]

The Coolest Grand Cultural Gala 2019

In the present age, our lives are as fast as roller coaster where we do not have time for ourselves so we can relax ourselves, our minds and soothe our nerves to increase our productivity in our lives. Modern life is so fast that we sometimes forget ourselves and our loved ones as everyone is […]

Top 5 Mas Bands participating at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2019

Toronto Caribbean Carnival provides you an opportunity to wear stunning costumes and take part in Mas Bands to give a live performance at the Grand Parade. Here is a list of 5 top Mas Bands at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2019. Allure Carnival: Allure Carnival is a team of young masqueraders from North America who […]

5 things you must know about Toronto Caribbean carnival

Toronto Caribbean Carnival is almost here.  We know you cannot wait to let the excitement begin, so we have compiled a list of 5 things you must know before you attend it. History of Toronto Caribana Caribbean Carnival was launched to promote cultural diversity and harmony amongst different nationalities and to honor the rich Caribbean […]

Best day events at Caribana 2019

The best memories are made in the light of the day. That is why at Caribana 2019, we have brought a wide range of day events to help you absorb the blissful summer vibes in the bright sunlight. The following events are the best events that will make you feel like you are in the […]

4 Best Boat Cruise Events at Caribana 2019

Raise your hands if you like partying on boat cruise as much as we do. We have curated a perfect list for you to choose your favorite Boat Cruise Parties on your favorite dates at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival Dancehall Invasion on Lake [All White Affair] Let yourself have the night of your life in […]

The Caribana Toronto 2019 Grand Parade : Short Guide

The Grand Parade at Caribana Toronto is a plug that unites people and gives you a chance to enjoy Mas Bands. Enjoy partying with Mas players and feel amazed by the gorgeous Mas costumes. At the end of the Parade, masqueraders get time to dance, party and have crazy fun till 6pm. The grand parade […]