Mas Bands History

The key ingredient of the Festival Mas bands are the vital most element of the Toronto Caribana festival where attractive and cool thermal costumes and get overs meets with the synchronized dance, rhythmic music, and enthusiastic spectators around in the streets of Toronto. Mas is a short form of Masquerade which has an old history […]

Introductory Blog on the most Anticipated Cultural Fest!

How an old cultural festival creates harmony among masses? Toronto Caribbean Carnival or Toronto Caribana festival exhibits the beauty of Caribbean culture and showcases the cultural harmony. It is a historical annual festival with more than 5 decades of rich history. Caribana festival is held in summer in Toronto, Ontario. There are no restrictions and […]

Why you need to go to book tickets for the Island Glow Winedown boat Cruise right now!

Summer is here and that puts us in the mood for some groovy party. But we all know, what is a party without a saucy hint of class and elegance, right? We have the perfect solution for your hot summer party vibes. And that solution lies in the heart of Caribbean Toronto 2019!   THE […]