Caribana through hard times

Toronto Caribana Carnival got its name in 1967 by the Caribbean Cultural Committee (CCC) organization that has a phenomenal role in the foundation of this event. It was more than an event as participants had a huge emotional attachment with the event as it depicts African culture and it represents the culture of individuals living at the remote Caribbean islands. Caribana festival has very important and big objectives after it gained a great worldwide recognition after a few celebrations and the vision was to take motive to gain further recognition for Caribbean Community and to generate scholarships for the community youngsters to reserve the plentiful opportunities for the community so that they flourish and get good positions and it was all about the betterment and prosperity of the community to make them great and productive representatives of the community.

How the problem started

The festival problems started surfacing in the late 90s and early 2000s when the Caribbean Cultural Committee (CCC) suffered a bad reputation for the improper utilization of Caribana festival funds. After these shocking allegations, people lost the credibility for the Caribbean Cultural Committee (CCC) and wanted free and fair accountability to have an in-depth view to learn the matter with crystal clarity that either it’s true or not. The saddest part of the whole scenario is that the Caribana festival lost its name which was proposed by CCC as they were no longer responsible for organizing the glorious event further.

Rebirth of Festival and its name

After the whole episode Festival Management Committee got its birth, a third party that was supposed to be the organizing body until the issue gets resolved and in this way, the event got its new sponsor namely Scotiband, and thus it also got a new name with addition of the sponsor’s name and then event became Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto.

Name restoration of Caribana Festival

Nine years after losing the control over the event, Caribana Arts Group (CAG) that used to run the festival for around forty years said they wanted Caribana festival right back in their hands and they won the lawsuit of 800,000 dollars against the Scotiabank to illegally use the trademark name of the event with the bank name with bank promotion motive. In this way, the Caribana festival got a rebirth after all the turmoil created around and thankfully now the event name is restored just as a patient is back to life after an inconvenience of surgery.



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