Best Nightlife events to enjoy Caribana 2019

Nightlife events are the best part of the Caribana Festival 2019. Every year, millions of party enthuastic people are able to wine their way into these events and end up having the best nights of their lives. The following nightlife events at Caribana Toronto screams of elegance and class that no other nightlife events can match.

Carnival Nights

On 1st august, 2019, Carnival Nights will hit off with Reggae, Soca and Hip Hop music to get you all charged up. The entry price for this event is $35. The party would go on from 10pm to 3am, with the most urban class crowd at the Caribbean Festival Toronto.


6vibe would give you a chance to party your night off on 2nd august 2019. The party is high-class and would only allow entry if you are dressed stylish. Baggy clothes and sleepwear is not allowed. Minimum age to enter this party is 19 so make sure you do not have any 18 or less year old with you. Entry price is $30 but since this event is exclusive, make sure you book your tickets on time to confirm your entry at the classiest nightlife party of the Caribana 2019.

Champagne Showers

Champagne showers is without a doubt, the best party of the Caribbean Festival Toronto. The event is held on 3rd august 2019 and promises authentic music and fun that will have no match. You will get to hear the most energized hits from  Hot 97 DJ KAST ONE. The vibrancy in the air will be doubled as you party your way to the weekend of Caribana Festival Canada 2019

All Star Celebrity Party

Sunday, 4th august 2019 will see the best night of Caribana 2019 in the form of an all star celebrity party. The ticket price for this event is $40 which will open your doors to a night full of excitement and provide you access to 4 levels of Toronto stadium nightclub.

The first level would grant you the access to hot 97 NYC room. Second level would further up your game to room 2, the trap house. Level 3 would turn up the party by reggae and soca music and finally at level 4 you will get to experience Wetbar Rooftop Nightlife under the stars.

Do not miss out on the fun. The Caribana Festival comes only once a year. Take your much needed vacation and enjoy your life with the best nightlife events at the Caribana Toronto 2019.



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