Sensational Kings and Queens Competition

Here comes the sensational most element of the whole much hyped and highly anticipated North-American cultural carnival and that is none other than Kings and Queens’s show/competition. It is the most prominent evening event of the whole carnival. Masquerade bands and Kings and Queens’s competition have a lot of similarities, the mas band parade is […]

The exhibition of vibrant colors – the junior carnival

Parallel to Caribana, many other sub-events are also going in full swing and one of the unique, interesting, exciting and vibrant most event is The Junior Carnival in which juniors head to head rivaled their elder carnival participants by their beautiful mas getups and costumes loaded with vibrancy and cuteness and innocence.   Junior Carnival […]

How Caribbean ‘Caribana’ came to Toronto (Canada)

Immigrants to Canada Canada welcomes immigrants from all over the world regardless of their caste, color, creed, language, appearance and religious beliefs. Canada is proven to be home for several minority groups among which black, Chinese and South Asian’s are in the major count. As the immigrants came from over different places and regions of […]

Fighting oppression by Celebration – The Caribana Carnival

In the past, West Indians didn’t enjoy the perks of prosperity and liberty instead they were exposed to ruthless oppression and were imposed by European elites to live under their commands. They were supposed to endure forces labored arduousness and utter inhumane treatment by the white Europeans. Harsh treatment Cruelty, harsh and severe treatment on […]

A festival having great lessons to learn

We must have a good sense of observation and analytical skills because we learn a lot from our observation, a lot of questions arise in our minds when we deeply observe things and eventually it increases the element of wisdom in our personality. Toronto Caribana is more than just an event, it is something larger […]

Programs and Events of Caribana

5 Caribana festival programs/parties not to be missed Toronto Caribana is a composition and collection of various interesting events and sub-events that collectively make a band of events called Toronto Caribana Carnival. Blockorama Party Blockorama party has completed 2 decades of commemoration celebration as a beautiful party. It is the most anticipated party and every […]

Caribana through hard times

Toronto Caribana Carnival got its name in 1967 by the Caribbean Cultural Committee (CCC) organization that has a phenomenal role in the foundation of this event. It was more than an event as participants had a huge emotional attachment with the event as it depicts African culture and it represents the culture of individuals living […]

Evolution and purpose of Toronto Caribana

Overtime (more than 5 decades) Caribbean Carnival has come so far. The annual festival containing spectacular parade was introduced in the late 1960s and was designated with name Caribana and was envisioned as a week-long festival which now has been extended up to 3 weeks long festival. In the early days, the event was small […]

Top 3 most played music genre in Caribana

Importance of Music From every country, regional and ethnic groups have their languages and even in the same language, there are different dialects. Language is the biggest barrier among the people of different regions and continents but there is a language a very simple one which could easily be understood by the people of any […]

Mas Bands History

The key ingredient of the Festival Mas bands are the vital most element of the Toronto Caribana festival where attractive and cool thermal costumes and get overs meets with the synchronized dance, rhythmic music, and enthusiastic spectators around in the streets of Toronto. Mas is a short form of Masquerade which has an old history […]