A festival having great lessons to learn

We must have a good sense of observation and analytical skills because we learn a lot from our observation, a lot of questions arise in our minds when we deeply observe things and eventually it increases the element of wisdom in our personality. Toronto Caribana is more than just an event, it is something larger than an event and teaches us many lessons and the more we know the more we grow.

In the memory of the dark days

It’s not just a party, it makes us recall the history of African when they were kept under oppression as enslaved humans which is for sure an unpleasant memory. They got freedom and livelihood of living a free life and today the Caribbean Festival gloriously celebrates freedom. Even today the reflection of this memory is seen in mas bands dance which originated from the celebration of slaves when they were freed from their masters. They wore colored costumes made of hides, bones, and feathers, they danced on the beats of drums and performs mimicry of their masters. And nowadays the mas bands are a critical part of Toronto Caribana. It gives us a lesson that that hard time must be remembered and it must be kept in mind that it won’t last long one day time will bring ease.

Freedom is more than everything

Carnival teaches us the vital essence of freedom of expression. It’s all about living a free life without any foreign influence, do whatever makes you feel free and alive. The colorful costumes and wearables of the participants and their worry-free celebration give us a lesson of freedom and freedom of expression that we should accept others as they are and we should accept their cultural traditions and give them their due respect and acceptance.

Life is beautiful

It gives us a lesson that life is so beautiful, in the race of life sometimes we forget to take time for ourselves. Life is all about being socializing as a human is a social animal, we feel a lot good to be part of someone’s happiness and it lessens the sorrow of someone if we give them hope. Participation in such a gigantic event makes us think that life is all about colors, people and happiness. We are so materialistic and there should be more and more human element in our lives and it comes from knowing each other and spending time with them, it’s not about the money it’s about love and kindness that decorates the life.



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