5 things you must know about Toronto Caribbean carnival

Toronto Caribbean Carnival is almost here.  We know you cannot wait to let the excitement begin, so we have compiled a list of 5 things you must know before you attend it.

  1. History of Toronto Caribana

Caribbean Carnival was launched to promote cultural diversity and harmony amongst different nationalities and to honor the rich Caribbean traditions. It has been a part of the Canadian history since 1968 and every year it is celebrated with the same energy and zeal.

  1. The unusual music of the festival

Before you come to the carnival, you must get your ears ready for the unsusual music you will get to hear at the carnival. The music is basically Soca and Reggae which hails from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago. The music helps your soul be refreshened. If you are not familiar with the music, you must get to know about it before you come to the festival so you can be fully charged with the party and music vibes at the Caribana 2019

  1. It is so much more than just a big party

Toronto Caribbean Carnival gives you a chance to party and have you return home as happy as Larry, but it is so much more than just a party. It gives you a chance to build friendships, explore other cultures and more than that, it gives you a chance to represent your own culture. Caribana is all about having competitions, creating a friendly atmosphere and arranging galas for people to have a good time and take home good memories with them.

  1. Caribbean Festival Canada is actually more than 4 days long

Many people have this idea that Caribbean Festival is only 4 days long. The truth is that minor festivities and events start before the actual Caribana weekend. These events include Kids’ competitions and Galas and some other small scale parties to get the participants and tourists ready for this amazing event.

  1. Masqueraders can choose their own Mas bands

Before the event begins, attendants can choose if they want to attend the Mas Parade as an attendant or a masquerader with a Mas Band. It is completely alright if you choose to be an attendant. But if you choose to be a masquerader, you make wonderful memories with your Mas Band and may even win a prize at the end of the Grand Parade.

This is your chance to have one in a lifetime experience. Book your tickets for the Toronto Caribbean Carnival before they run out.




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