5 Reasons you should come to our much hyped events this year

Caribana Toronto carnival is one of the largest multicultural festival in Canada, bringing in millions of tourists and party enthusiasts to let yourself have one in a lifetime party experience. ‘Fun, entertainment and extravaganza’ are the three words that describes Caribbean festival Canada the best.


Here are 5 reasons you should come join us at Caribana 2019

  1. You will get to have the best nightlife experience

We all need a break when life gets tough. At Toronto Caribbean festival, we make sure to provide you with such exhilarating experience to make you forget about everything except supreme party and merriment. Nightlife at Toronto Caribana includes events such as 4play and Social lit that will provide you with one of its kind, exceptional party experience.

  1. You will discover new, authentic music

All the music lovers out there, put your hands up! Because at Caribana Toronto, we bring artists that blow your mind away. From goth to rock, pop to jazz, we have it all. You’ll be blown away by unparalleled music and you’ll find that there is so much talent in the world you have to look forward to

  1. You will network with likeminded people

Do you like meeting new people who are as broadminded and fun as you? Afterall, a human is a social animal. Well, look no further. Our events provide you with enough opportunities to mingle with people and to build new friendships.

Blocko’ and ‘all black affair’ are the two events where you will find your commonplace with amusing people and get a chance to get to know extraordinary people and their sensational interests. You will get a chance to network. And what’s more? You may even run into old friends at one of the largest festivals of Canada!



  1. You’ll get to experience an authentic boat cruise journey

Cruising is an elite lifestyle. Island glow winedown boat cruise is a phenomenal event that gives you an opportunity to explore the luxurious life of Canada. Take a moment and imagine yourself in the lure of this wonderful experience. Xscape Festivals will provide you with a euphoria that you’ll remember for a lifetime.


  1. You will get to meet celebrities that are as fun as you!

Celebrities love Toronto Caribbean Carnival. Every year we proudly host celebrities who are as fun as you, including Rihanna who has been joining us in madness and festivity for the past 6 years.

Don’t miss out on the biggest event in town- the Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2019!



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