4 Best Boat Cruise Events at Caribana 2019

Raise your hands if you like partying on boat cruise as much as we do. We have curated a perfect list for you to choose your favorite Boat Cruise Parties on your favorite dates at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival

  1. Dancehall Invasion on Lake [All White Affair]
    Let yourself have the night of your life in a raging dance party on a boating cruise. This event will have you wear all white and make you party like you have never before. On 1st august’2019, Caribbean Festival Canada is bringing an amazing boat cruise for you to dance your night away in style. General admission to the event costs $50. The all-white dance party will go on from 9pm till 2am and promises you access to 2 levels and 2 decks mega sound event.
  2. Island Glow Winedown Boat Cruise

Island Glow Winedown will make you buss a wine at the Caribana 2019. This boat cruise would have you dancing on cloud nine. Soca, Afrobeats, calypso music would turn the party high. If you are looking for a great boat cruise on the 2nd day of Caribana 2019 weekend, this is it. Early Bird discount will get you an entry ticket for only $40. This event is sold out almost every year so book your ticket as soon as possible. 

  1. Wine N Kotch Boat Cruise on the Lake:

Are you ready to have the best night of your life at a boat cruise that gives you a chance to let yourself feel as if you’re walking on air? Wine N Boat Cruise on the Lake will give you that extra carefree party experience to make you forget all about your problems. If there is one thing you will still remember, it is the experience and good memories you are going to make on Wine N Kotch Boat Cruise on the Lake in Toronto Caribbean Carnival. 

  1. Carnival Invasion: Rep your Flags

Let’s have a blessed Caribana Sunday on a boating cruise to mark the end of the wonderful Toronto Caribana Carnival. This boating cruise is unlike any other boating cruise as it will give you a chance to represent your own culture and nationality. Bring your own flags to the boat and be a part of something bigger by making your country be known in the midst of all other countries. Early bird discount will allow you to get the ticket for only $40.

Get yourself all charged up with the Best Boating Cruise Events at the Caribana Toronto 2019.



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