Mas Bands History

The key ingredient of the Festival Mas bands are the vital most element of the Toronto Caribana festival where attractive and cool thermal costumes and get overs meets with the synchronized dance, rhythmic music, and enthusiastic spectators around in the streets of Toronto. Mas is a short form of Masquerade which has an old history […]

Toronto Carnival (Caribana) History

The Gradual Fame The grand carnival was organized by the Caribbean community in Toronto, Ontario for the very first time in 1967 and named it Toronto Caribana Carnival. With the passage of time it gained worldwide fame and attention which now has grown up to worldwide recognition of Toronto Caribana and it is now the […]

Cultural significance of Caribana Carnival

The prominent Carnival Caribana Carnival enjoys an immense prominence and grabs great visibility in summer festivity with the beats of hip hop, soca, and calypso while making Caribana Carnival the most anticipated cultural event of the whole year in North America. The Portrayal of African Culture Caribana has enlarged and projected the visibility of African […]

Xscape Music Festival

Importance of Music in Life Music holds a greatly important and momentous significance in life to express happiness, festivity, joy, and sense of being able to relax from the hectic routine cycle. Music is the best source to relax the mind after a stressful robotic routine that blows serenity and a sense of being able […]