The Grand Parade

A parade that turns roads and streets of Toronto into a vast colored fabric or a huge color exhibition, exhibiting different eye cooling colored masterpieces drawing the attention of the general public and media all around the globe due to the uniqueness of the whole joyous procession. Happiness is Contagious Festivity and amazement in this […]

What caribana attracts too many people?

Huge Number of visitors Three weeks long carnival attracts a lot of participants and the number is growing annually and has reached up to 1.2 to 1.3 million which shows the success of the event to provide people with the best possible event. Caribana carnival is a collection of many events.   Offerings of the […]

What’s so special about Caribana Fiesta?

Every year more and more crowd assembles up for Toronto Caribana to have the best moments they’ve been waiting throughout the year. Caribana attracts an enormous stream of regional, national and international visitors from different places of the world to witness the best cultural event of their lives. The overwhelming response of people and massive […]

The Coolest Grand Cultural Gala 2019

In the present age, our lives are as fast as roller coaster where we do not have time for ourselves so we can relax ourselves, our minds and soothe our nerves to increase our productivity in our lives. Modern life is so fast that we sometimes forget ourselves and our loved ones as everyone is […]

Introductory Blog on the most Anticipated Cultural Fest!

How an old cultural festival creates harmony among masses? Toronto Caribbean Carnival or Toronto Caribana festival exhibits the beauty of Caribbean culture and showcases the cultural harmony. It is a historical annual festival with more than 5 decades of rich history. Caribana festival is held in summer in Toronto, Ontario. There are no restrictions and […]