Let’s highlight the Caribbean Culture

Caribana Toronto 2019 is only a few days away. And that gives us the perfect motive to learn about the beautiful Caribbean music, culture and traditions that makes the Caribana Festival one of its kind. Caribana Festival is reinforced with vibrant music and after visiting the festival your soul feels rejuvenated. It is one of […]

The Caribana Toronto 2019 Grand Parade : Short Guide

The Grand Parade at Caribana Toronto is a plug that unites people and gives you a chance to enjoy Mas Bands. Enjoy partying with Mas players and feel amazed by the gorgeous Mas costumes. At the end of the Parade, masqueraders get time to dance, party and have crazy fun till 6pm. The grand parade […]

Best Nightlife events to enjoy Caribana 2019

Nightlife events are the best part of the Caribana Festival 2019. Every year, millions of party enthuastic people are able to wine their way into these events and end up having the best nights of their lives. The following nightlife events at Caribana Toronto screams of elegance and class that no other nightlife events can […]

Best day events at Caribana 2019

The best memories are made in the light of the day. That is why at Caribana 2019, we have brought a wide range of day events to help you absorb the blissful summer vibes in the bright sunlight. The following events are the best events that will make you feel like you are in the […]

Top weekend passes for Caribana 2019

Caribana Carnival is back and there is no way you should miss it. The best way to enjoy the carnival fully is through weekend passes that helps you get a bargain package of fun and excitement. Toronto Carnival 2019 Weekend Pass: Caribbean Festival 2019 will be filled with thrill and you will make memories that […]